How do I know if my child needs your help?

  • There are several signs that your child might need our help. Here are a few:
  • His or her grades start falling
  • Fear or stress before tests
  • Has trouble organizing time, materials, thoughts
  • Has difficulty meeting quantity or quality of work demanded at school
  • Slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds
  • Lack of strategies for reading unknown words
  • Word retrieval problems or confusing words that sound alike: substituting lotion for ocean, or humanity for humidity
  • Difficulty spelling, with spelling word lists or in writing assignments
  • Transposes number sequences and confuses arithmetic signs (+, -, x, /, =)
  • Difficulty with math facts
  • Difficulty understanding or remembering what is read
  • The use of imprecise language, such as vague references to stuff or things instead of the proper name of an object
  • Labored, messy or illegible handwriting
  • Letters oddly formed or spaced

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Link your Kroger Plus Card to FWCL and a percentage of what you spend on your shopping trips will help students in need. Just click the card above, sign in, and use our code PR583.

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