Visual Motor Processing & Handwriting

Drawing with Language

Signs your child may benefit from VMP instruction

  • Difficulty holding crayon or pencil, picking up small objects with fingers, copying basic shapes
  • Tight, awkward pencil grip and body position
  • Avoiding writing or drawing tasks
  • Trouble forming letter shapes
  • Inconsistent spacing between letters or words
  • Inability to write or draw in a line or within margins
  • Tiring quickly while writing
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Difficulty understanding information on paper
  • Poor coordination, unaware of physical surroundings, prone to accidents
  • Trouble figuring out where to start or how to progress with an assignment
  • Unable to give or follow directions
  • Difficulty reading tables and charts

Program Description

Visual Motor Processing instruction integrates the visualizing and verbalizing process with visual-motor and visual-spatial functions. Students discover and experience the language we use to define space and the position of things in space in their environment first, then on paper. They discover all the parts that make up a simple shape—points and types of lines—and how to describe, organize and connect them to make simple and complex open and closed designs. Instruction then focuses on applying visualizing and verbalizing to the development of handwriting skills.

FWCL practices Lindamood-Bell™ Respond-to-the-Response Strategies, Socratic Teaching Strategies, Verbal Mediation Strategies, Self-Coaching Strategies, and Diagnostic Teaching Strategies. This type of instruction is focused on facilitating a student’s ability to discover what he needs to know, to be able to break down and organize information and to develop his self-monitoring, self-control and self-adjusting skills when doing a task. The focus is not on just providing students with information but on facilitating and supporting them through the process of discovering, connecting, storing, retrieving and applying information.

Fort Wayne Center for Learning is not affiliated with, certified, endorsed, licensed, monitored or sponsored by the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Corporation.

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