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A unique approach to learning...

Our mission is to help children develop a positive self-image through the improvement of the critical learning skills necessary to be successful learners.

Our vision is to be an essential part of a community that values and encourages all children and their unique abilities to learn.

Imagine you’re six years old. Your classmates can read just fine, but you can barely sound out a word. Or maybe you’re 12, and you find your teacher’s instructions confusing. You try to concentrate, but you just get lost in a tangle of meaningless, jumbled-up words or symbols.

You’re not alone. About 20% of the population share this kind of experience. Sadly, many struggle through life without ever finding help. 
Fortunately, the Fort Wayne Center for Learning is here. We’re a not-for-profit organization founded by parents and dedicated to helping children with learning differences. We do more than teach kids how to read, write, or do math. We help them learn how to learn.
How do we begin? We start by meeting with the child’s family — asking a few questions and doing a lot of listening. If we feel we can help, we administer a series of tests to identify the child’s learning differences. Then we work together — one-on-one — patiently showing each child how to recognize his/her own challenges, and how to work through them using proven processing skills and techniques.
It can be an intensive program, but it’s one that works. Studies of our students show measurable improvement in reading level scores and overall academic performance.
Our programs are flexible, too. Sessions can be arranged for full days, partial days, or after-school instruction — whatever the child needs. 
And what about cost? For many families, that’s the real stumbling block. Intensive therapy at privately owned centers can be very, very costly. But the Fort Wayne Center for Learning is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, making our services affordable to everyone. No child has ever been turned away for inability to pay. 
FWCL is a program that really works, right here at home.

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Link your Kroger Plus Card to FWCL and a percentage of what you spend on your shopping trips will help students in need. Just click the card above, sign in, and use our code PR583.

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