Success Stories

Email from Braydon's mom:

“Because of your support and encouragement Braydon approaches Learning with a whole new lens! Instead of looking at a challenge as being defeated he looks at it as just that, a challenge - one that he can overcome.  He is in the 6th grade (junior and he is excelling!!!  I was so apprehensive for him to be in the 6th grade because I know it is a huge turning point in a student’s life.  Before the Fort Wayne Center for Learning, I thought Braydon would have been so behind in middle school and would not have been successful; I was dreading middle school.  But because of all you taught him and all of his hard work he is excelling!!!! Our first quarter of school is almost complete and he has all A's and a B.  He asks questions when he doesn't understand until he understands.  Thank you!!!!!”

Testimonial from a grateful mom:

Max, my 6 year old son, was having difficulty in Kindergarten.  There were some skills he mastered both at home and school; some tasks he did regularly at home, but would refuse to do at school; and others tasks he struggled with regardless of his environment, especially reading comprehension and writing.  We tried to help Max on our own.  We used computer programs, apps, and downloaded worksheets.  We quizzed him on everything.  His school pushed for an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis, but his doctors disagreed.  We started private speech therapy.  We resorted to bribery.  

Max’s teacher used an app, Class Dojo, to provide parents with information regarding their child’s behavior and progress.  The week of January 9, Max received a 19%.  He had four positive marks and 17 on the areas where he needed work.  It was then that we decided to look into the Fort Wayne Center for Learning. 

On March 13, Max had his first session.  We started with the visualizing and verbalizing program.  Within two weeks, we noticed improvement at home.  He seemed more thoughtful.  Instead of just spitting out a quick answer, Max would pause and give a more thorough response. 

Shortly thereafter, his school had a two-week long spring break.  During that time, Max continued to attend the FWCL.  When school resumed his teachers noticed a dramatic change.  The week of April 17, Max’s Class Dojo app showed 100% with 16 positive marks and zero negative comments.  His teacher also sent home two notes detailing his improvement – one regarding his reading comprehension and the other on his writing skills.

Most importantly, I see a difference.  Before FWCL, Max’s default answer was “good.”  Ice cream was “good.”  School was “good.”  Even vaccination shots were “good.”  Now, Max and I have more meaningful conversations.  I know my son better.  Recently, he asked me to stop calling him “Maxwell” and “just call me Max”. 

Admittedly, I use to pretend things were “good.”  Now, things are so much better, so much more than just “good.”  

I believe Max’s outstanding progress is directly related to the help he received at the FWCL.  He would not be the boy he is without their aid and encouragement.

Chrissy Potter

A recent comment by an anonymous parent:

"I owe my daughter's concrete reading fluency to the Fort Wayne Center for Learning. She came to them with some knowledge of phonics that she learned in school, but it was the instructors of the Fort Wayne Center for Learning that built upon that, and with intense instruction solidified her reading fluency.

Fort Wayne Center for Learning knows what it takes to reach struggling learners. They have highly trained and dedicated instructors that work intensely with your struggling learner one on one so that they can overcome their struggles and build confidence to conquer their studies."

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